An abandoned Catholic seminary we
investigated off and on for three years.

From a visit in 2007

Old dorms hallway  

Having come into this area to listen for phantom music reported by others, I heard nothing but recorded a strange rasping voice just after I stated that I felt creeped out by having my back to a long dark hallway.


Someone is getting ready to take a photo when a soft whispered voice is heard. It was extremely cold and our breaths were very misty--is this voice commenting on our "smoking"?

St. Ambrosius

I am moving to a different spot in the church. As I go, my jacket is rustling.  This is odd in that it appears that an EVP comes through my jacket's rustling. This might be a great example of making something out of nothing.

St. Ambrosius

As we are seated in the church, someone asks about seeing small points of light. As we are talking a low moan is heard twice.

Old dorms basement

I am commenting about "creepy stuff" when something creepy comes through on my recorder. I am not sure what it is.

Another session

"Burning Nazianz"

Recorded on May 1, 2005 by Katie during our initial walkthrough of the old school building. Katie and Barry have stopped to chat somewhere on the first floor and this came through. It's remarkable because "Nazianz" is the name of the town where the school is located and has a history of major fires.

"Burn the earth"

Again, recorded May 1, 2005 by Katie. Recorded after are entering Father Oschvald's crypt in the Salvatorian Cemetery just above the property.

"Ave Maria"

Recorded October 8, 2005 by Katie. One way to stimulate activity is through music. Katie, Keith and Jody were in the St.Ambrosius church nave, trying to record for possible EVPs. Katie decided to sing Schubert's "Ave Maria". A few moments after she finished singing, this voice came through.

"Oh shit"

Recorded May 1, 2005 by Katie. Katie's camera has failed and as she is fussing with it, THREE voices came through.

Katie Kintner is the founder of Wolf River Ghost Society.  Along with her husband, Keith she has been investigating ghosts since 2005.