Mist photo, backyard of private residence. Possible explanations include heat source from a neighbor's house on this cold evening.
Ghosts or not?

Investigation photographs and possible explanations. These are from investigations by both Fox Valley Spirit Hunters and the previous group, East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations.
Dim crosses appear on a photo. Subsequent investigation reveals that the neighboring house has a small pet cemetery in the backyard.
Diamond-shaped "orb" may be a result of reflection from the tv screen back into the camera lens.
Figure in a window
Client photo shows what appears to be a figure in the window. This photo shows classic "camera movement" smears that result when a digital camera is  moved too soon after taking the shot. However the figure in the window is fairly well-defined and worth noting. There is no place to stand outside the window as it is on the second floor. Click on the photo to see a larger version.
Figure in hallway
Client photo. Same house as above, same area except photo was taken further back from inside the kitchen. A dark figure seems to obscure objects in the kitchen. This is a photo of a printout of this photo, not the original. The client stated that this was how it looked when it came out of her digital camera, blue discoloration and all. Click to see a larger version.
Recreation of figure photo

Black shadow?
Taken on a cemetery walk, 12/2006. The camera is not obscured by a hand or anything else.  Many attempts to recreate it have failed.  It is not a sleeve, blowing snow, a hand or finger or other object obscuring the flash. Is the large white object in the upper right corner what caused the shadow?  Subsequent photo a few seconds later was normal. Click for a somewhat larger version.