Peshtigo was the center of a massive forest fire that burned thousands of acres in Wisconsin and Michigan on the same night as the Great Chicago Fire.  The Great Peshtigo Fire is not nearly as well known but literally thousands of people died that night, trapped in the flames or overcome by smoke.

This home is located literally a few dozen feet from the site of a former boardinghouse for local sawmill workers. The boardinghouse burned down during the fire, killing about 100 people in the process.

This particular house was spared the flames but the history of the town surrounds it.  It is a two story Victorian that was once also a boardinghouse for sawmill workers. It has been turned into a two-flat, one upstairs, one downstairs.

The client was reporting that her two small daughters were seeing a man come out of their wall at night and talking to them, including making threats on the family.  They called him "Mister (blank)", using the same last name as the man who had originally built the house in the 19th century.

We were investigating the upstairs flat. The downstairs flat was unoccupied and although painters had been there earlier in the day, they had locked up and left by the time we arrived.

After client interviews, we took a break to get some dinner and then come back with an investigation plan.  While we were gone, I left a recorder running in the kitchen, just for the "heckufit". 

The following file was recorded approximately 5 minutes before our return. The client was sitting outside in her car watching the building. No one came or went.

Squeaky door, voices

Later on in the evening, we conducted an EVP session in the children's room.  All investigators are present.  During setup, I was cautioning people not to trip on the video camera tripod that was almost in the doorway.  As I was doing so, another male voice chimed in that is not any of our investigators.

Man's voice talking about work

Here is the same voice caught on the video camera.

Katie Kintner is the founder of Wolf River Ghost Society.  Along with her husband, Keith she has been investigating ghosts since 2005.