This photo of a little girl hangs in the 2nd Hand Shop, Stoughton, WI. It is not for sale. There is a debate about this child. Is she alive?

Katie took a series of photos on our last visit and presents them here. Some are with flash, some are not. Some photos show obvious touchups.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Why was this child's photo touched up so much?
  • What is the aura surrounding her? Is it an adult holding her up? Has the paint disguising it faded out?
  • There seems to be a mark on her right cheek? Is it an injury?
  • Her eyes are at least partially painted in. Why?
  • Why does her right arm hang down so straight while the other is seemingly "posed"? Is her right arm injured?
  • Why are there so many touchups? The dress and her right hand is partly drawn in and her face is extensively touched up.
  • Is the background painted?
  • Most post-mortem photos show the child lying in a casket? If this child is dead, why would she be posed this way? (Note from Katie: other opinions obtained maintain that the child was alive in this photo).
  • Is it a girl at all? Could it be a boy dressed up as a girl? (Common practice)

Click on each photo to see the full-sized original verson almost straight out of the camera. They have only been rotated when necessary. No other alterations have been done. THESE FILES ARE QUITE LARGE SO ALLOW TIME FOR LOADING.