EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EVPs are recordings of voices or sounds that are considered to possibly be coming from the dead. You may have seen the movie "White Noise", which depicted a man recording EVPs from the white noise of empty television transmissions. Although this movie was full of hype, it basically shows one method of recording EVPs. For more factual information about EVPs, go to http://www.hauntedvoices.com.
These possible EVPs were recorded on both Fox Valley Spirit Hunters investigations and East Central Wisconsin Paranormal investigations.
Residential investigations

Voice of an old man. What appears to be an old man's voice comes in during a pause. There is also what sounds like a dog bark in the middle of the voice. There was no one in the house that sounded like this. This one has been the subject of a lot of discussion. Is it an old man telling his dog "Tanner" to do a "little trick"? Some people hear this, others hear nothing.

Odd squeal It sounds like a monkey squealing but there were no monkeys or any other exotic creatures present. The only animals present were two cats. This is in the same house as the recording above.

Female or child's voice. This was heard audibly by several people and recorded while we were all in the living room chatting. It appeared to come from the kitchen but no one was there. We also checked the exterior of the house for kids playing nearby but found nothing. Again, from the same house as the two recordings above.

Recorded by Katie while no one was in the upper flat we were investigating. We had gone to dinner before beginning the investigation and Katie left her recorder going in the kitchen. This was recorded approximately 5 minutes before we actually returned. No one else was in the house as the only other unit, a lower flat, was empty and being repainted. However the landlord and painting crew had left earlier. The client returned before we did and sat out in her car, too frightened to go in alone (it was her daughter's apartment). She saw no one entering or leaving.

Recorded before an EVP session The female voice is Katie and the voice at the end is her husband and co-investigator Keith. So who is the startlingly clear male voice in between? The other investigators were already in place and this not any of them. This is the same house as the recording just above.

A basement observation session revealed this voice. It is not one of us and was not heard at the time. The voice seems to be saying "Yakov's church" or "Yakob's church". This is interesting because this name sounds somewhat similar to an old form of the client's name. There is an old Lutheran church about a block away and a cemetery next to it.

In a client's kitchen We were talking about a ghost child that had been spotted years earlier and whom the client still feels is present. A small voice comes in briefly as we are speaking.

During a walkthru Katie was running her recorder and got a very sad voice right after the owner's dog barked. Unfortunately we were not able to fully investigate this house so we could not follow up on it but we do know that there was no one else in the house when this was recorded.

Recorded at a friend's house. This is not a formal investigation but just a visit which Katie recorded some parts of. As her friend is speaking, her voice seems to change from female to male. This is not her normal voice. There is also what appears to be a whispered EVP during a pause.

Institutional Investigation

May 2005 Recorded on an initial walkthru to a very large site consisting of several buildings. In this instance there are a few things going on. My camera has malfunctioned and as the owner looks on, I am trying to get it to work. The pounding you hear are workers about thirty feet away. The first thing you hear is apparently the owner clearing his throat. Then you hear a whispered voice say something that sounds like "I love you". After that, you hear me talking again, then another voice says something that sounds like "have a porch kitty". I know that sounds bizarre, but we had just moved into a rental house that actually came with a cat. She was found on the back porch and we called her "porch kitty" (or "Porcha" for short). Then you hear a whispered voice saying "oh shit", me talking again and another whispered voice I can't make head or tail of. Overall, while this recording was done under uncontrolled circumstances, I do know that there were no other living people actually speaking close by at this particular moment. It remains one of our most interesting recordings and altho

After singing "Ave Maria" in the institution's chapel to stir up activity, this voice was recorded.

While singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" in the same chapel as above, a musical instrument seems to be plucked a few times. The only instrument present was a piano and no one was near it. We didn't touch the piano at any time.

In the old bakery where nuns used to make communion bread, I recorded this very odd voice. I can understand it clearly but it has been the subject of debate and I have no yet ruled out that it could be another investigator (who won't own up to it). Make up your own mind, but I hear "cous cous, s'il vous plait"!

In the basement of one of the buildings, two other investigators are talking to each other but another voice yells at them. This voice was not heard at the time.