Working with Fox Valley Spirit Hunters

FVSH is always interested in adding new serious-minded investigators who have knowledge and/or experience that complement and enhance our current roster.  If you are interested in becoming an investigator, please check the list below for desired qualities  in a ghost investigator.  Items highlighted in RED are most desireable. All positions of investigator and consultant are unpaid and voluntary in nature.
We are especially seeking qualified DEMONOLOGISTS, PSYCHOLOGISTS OR CLERGY with an open-minded point of view to act as (unpaid) CONSULTANTS who are willing to share their knowledge to aid investigations/clientele and help educate our investigators.  

If you feel you would like to join our team as an investigator or consultant, please complete this form and submit it.  If you have knowledge or experience that would enhance our current team, an investigator will contact you within a few days.  Due to sheer numbers of people wanting to become ghost investigators without additional qualifying experience or knowledge, we are no longer accepting applications from those with a casual interest.  We already have a full roster of novice investigators.

If you don't hear from us, it is most likely because you didn't provide enough information about your knowledge and experience.  You are welcome to re-apply but we are really seeking people who have practical investigative experience or an expertise in a field of study that would be useful on investigations.  Watching ghosthunting TV shows, however entertaining, is just not enough of a qualification.  Sorry.